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Quiksilver is a brand of surf-inspired apparel and accessories that was founded in 1969 in Torquay, Australia but is now based in Huntington Beach, California. It is one of the world's largest brands of surfwear and boardsport-related equipment. The parent company changed its name in March 2017 from Quiksilver, Inc. to "Boardriders, Inc.", and is the owner of the brands Quiksilver, Roxy, and DC Shoes. In 2018, Boardriders acquired Billabong International Limited, gaining the Billabong, Element, Von Zipper, RVCA, and XCEL brands. 

A disappointed customer named Natasha from Southeast, SA shared her opinion with Quiksilver Online Store in a review published by PRODUCT REVIEW: “Completely ghosted. Placed an order on May 31st,  now June 24th and NOTHING except my confirmation email. No response to my emails or calls, no courtesy email. Extremely disappointing. At least be transparent with what is going on and give me the option of my money back. Fortunately, we are able to just buy elsewhere, but not everyone has hundreds to replace items ordered that never arrive.


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"Low pay, management picks favorites, no opportunity for growth, rude management and claimed my sales, stores are closing"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Company went bankrupt during last decade."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Had to act super fake and pay was so incredibly low. Manager was the worst. Definitely not valued as an employee."

Current Employee - Sales Operations Coordinator says

"Terrible management support! They did not give me the time to learn. They threw at me so much responsibilities within my first 30 days I couldn't keep up! Then the boss of the department left and I had no support of a supervisor. Then they told me that I was not doing a good job and they let me go."

Former Employee - Stock Associate says

"-Corporate never took care of the store. 3 consecutive years with no heat or AC. In the winters the store would be around 30 or less degrees and in the summers it would be i90+ Which is in direct violation of OSHA standards. Constant reports/calls to OSHA with nothing done. This created a revolving door problem in which we could rarely keep sales associates. I didn't blame them for not tolerating these conditions -Circa January 2014 all full time employees were laid off and paid severance- company never again hired full time sales/stock associates and made max hours for all associates/non management 32 hours a week so as to avoid paying benefits/ overtime. This led to the hiring of year round "seasonal" employees who were hired to fluff out the staff and cover the extra hours cut out by the new 32 hour max. These employees were rarely working more than 18 hours per week and furthered the revolving door problem. -Poor conditions listed above created severe staffing problems. I often did the work of 2-3 people because we were so short staffed due to budget cuts and employees leaving in droves. -No room for growth. One co-worker was finally promoted to manager after several years doing managers work without the title or pay raise. Promotions promised and never delivered upon. -Corporate's terrible management eventually ran this company into the ground and all 3 nyc locations shuttered in late 2015."

Retail Manager says

"No growth. Crap wages. Mediocre management. False hope and broken promises. Other than the pros, nothing great about this place."


"Management provides no direction to employees"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"High turnover due to poor management decisions; low morale; ineffective and out of touch upper management; all male upper management; no communication or direction from upper management; ALL design, prod development and sourcing was moved to the France office--the French do not have a clue about the USA market; upper management does not care about their employees; global processes and decisions made that favor the French and not any other region; lack of growth for employees; employees constantly looking over their shoulder because there has been lay-off's every 6 months for the past 7 years."


"Managers Made fun of employees for disabilities, weren't considerate, did all the hard work labor for less pay"

Former Employee - Headquarters Employee says

"*Quiksilver is an operational and organizational disaster that has been miss-managed for over the past 3 decades! The entire upper management team making decisions consists of all unqualified lifer employees that don't have any idea how to effectively manage and steer a clothing company into profitability. They are "winging it as they go". The have no visibility into areas of employee weakness beneath them nor the tactical arsenal to correct the problems effectively. *They promote within constantly to management jobs if you are a bro and are a "lifer employee" and do so regularly regardless if your qualified due to high employee turnover rates.  *Quiksilver is a fun place to work for a few years in your early twenties, but definitely now not a place to be if your looking for job security, make good pay, and a chance to move up in positions. The vibe was you are lucky to even be here until the next layoffs occur. *There is absolutely no job or systems training- your completely on your own. *Horrible management decisions are the reason for all the constant layoffs and re-orgs. *The company has not given bonuses nor contributed to employee match 401K program in over 5 years!!!!  *Don't bother wasting your time trying to work here until this place is fixed!"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked her as a college freshman and it was a very toxic environment. Management was creepy. Female staff was encouraged to wear clothing that was not comfortable for them."

Returns Processor (Former Employee) says

"Their Staff Weren't So Friendly & They Weren't Very Organized .They don't know what assignments to sign you with. They don't explain well how to do a certain department, they expect you to know it all."

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Fun job at first when you get the calls for deliveries. Then comes the pressure to fund their debit system with your own money. They do pay you back within a couple days but if you are not comfortable or able to put $500 - 1000 in play you soon realize you don’t get cash calls either. Also be ready to take verbal abuse."

STOCKER/ORDER PICKER (Former Employee) says

"A very racial environment. If you do not speak Spanish this is not a good place for you to work. I work there in 2012. And it was just horrible terrible management terrible HR."

Retail Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"To start, the wages sucked, especially if you have never worked for the company before. Second, poor is not even the word to begin describing the management and low amount of hours I received each week. Your bills would never get paid on time if you work in this company, you'll be growing more gray hair than anything.Nonewages, management, hours, schedules"

Sales Operations Coordinator/French (contract) says

"This company had a bankruptcy not too long ago and fired 1000 of people and they still do. Terrible management, they do not care."

Retail Associate (Current Employee) says

"You get a mass flood of people from about the moment you open to the moment you close. You learn how to do things quickly and your fellow sales associates are not shy to help you. Management has changed multiple times and they all sort of fall into their positions. Co-workers are one of the most amazing parts of the job, they're polite and helpful. The second most amazing part about the job is meeting people from all over the world.Co-workersNo sick days, When you call out the manager makes you call someone to cover your shift, No advancement opportunity, they do not respect availability"

Assistant Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"I learnt to manage my team well and got on with everyone who worked there. My day would start at 8am and finished around 8pm, I would empty the machines first thing in the morning, Make sandwiches for the customers and get the tea and coffee ready, I would give change to customers and check the machines to make sure there where working ok and at the end of the day we would clean and check the safes to make sure they balanced. The hardest part of the job was i was thrown in and had no training and was left to cope on my own as manager was never seen But the best part of the job was chatting to the customers and making them feel at home."

Customer Service Rep / Dispatch (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work started at 7am and it was non-stop phone calls about overcharges until I got off of work at 5pm. My paycheck every week was likely to bounce, so I had to constantly find new places to cash my check every week. After working there for a few months, I began to notice that the overcharges were unnecessarily high. A typical ride to the airport, which I booked all the time, was about $40-$55 depending on the address. However, most people were charged an upwards of $300 or more. I was constantly berated by customers who were unhappy with the service, and/or were overcharged. It was an extremely stressful environment; though, I did learn a lot about how to turn an extremely angry customer into a somewhat satiated one. The hardest part about the job was that when I hung up the phone, I knew I would have to deal with the same issue during the next phone call. There were no enjoyable moments other than the learning experience I took away from the job.NoneAlmost everything"

CSA (Former Employee) says

"This is the least satisfying job I have ever had, the day consists of standing on the shop floor mindlessly waiting for the day to end, there is nothing to do apart from clean the machines which takes about 10 minuets if you really drag it out. The customers that come in are usually rude, there is no table to sit at for lunch, the office is cramped and unclean and the toilet is basically a shed outside which is extremely unpleasant. The shop has been broken into twice and I do not feel safe. You get promoted to be a key holder only because they need more staff to manage the shop on single man shifts. I am so happy to be moving on from this job and I will never ever step foot in another betting shop again.paid breakslong hours, boring, rude customers, rude staff, unsociable"

Vendeur conseil (Former Employee) says

"Après des années passer chez eux sans le moindre changement et c est pas faute d avoir postulé et de connaître les différentes tache a effectué. Pareil niveau salaire . Le manageur de ce magasin ne pence qu a lui et te fera faire des tache qui ne te concerne pas"

Assitant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Not a great company over all. Would not recommend for someone to work for them. This small start up, on several occasions, would cut corners and risk safety of patient and providers."

Lead Systems Technician (Former Employee) says

"This company is not stable and is poorly managed from the top all the way down. Their stock says it all. My co-workers were pretty good, friendly and easy to work with. Management was the issue and the lack of value for there workers."


"Tres mauvaise experience au seins d"une equipe desagreable"

Customer Service Assistant and Keyholder (Former Employee) says

"Pay was nearly always wrong and it took 3 months to get my first paycheque. The company was disorganised and sloppy. Management were unhelpful and biased. Dangerous working conditions including lone working as the management couldn't be bothered to hire enough staff to cover hours.None."

Quality control (Former Employee) says

"Es una empresa que no hay apoyo al empleado,,hay muchos favoritismo,,los supervisores y manager son personas muy groserías con los empleados,, y recursos humanos no sirve de nada porque no investigan bien las cosas y se dejan llevar por chismesNo hay apoyo para el empleado"

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"No matter how hard you work or try there is no reward, no bonus, no pat on the back. Skeleton crews make it long and boring hours with a lack of security to botht he store and the staff.Meeting the publicPoor wages, lack of training, staffing issues."

Customer Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work involves greeting customers, offering them a seat, change for slot machines, loyalty club membership, and thanking them for their custom as they leave Challenge 25 checks are vital if a customer is off youthful appearance. When I started there, I had no previous experience of working in an adult gaming centre. I learnt how to refill slot machines, and I had started learning about collection day procedures, and banking, and cashing up. Before the Manager who hired me retired, it was a fun and enjoyable place to work. We used to have a good laugh. When a new Manager took over, it was obvious from the start he wanted to hire his own staff. That's when the petty behaviour, nit picking and fault finding began. The Supervisor hurled abuse at me on the shop floor in front of customers and over the phone on my days off. To cut a long boring story short, I ended up under a Doctor for depression. SUMMARY At this point in time, I wouldn't recommend that you apply there. Such a shame. I had a good seven years there before my boss retired.Long service awards. .Too stressful"

customer service face (Former Employee) says

"dealing with public all the time and money handling. management are a waste of space and co-workers ok but don't get to close, learnt a little bit more customer service, hardest part is dealing with drink people.. the most hardest part is long hours"

Job applicant (Former Employee) says

"Just a heads up. I went for an interview at their Victoria location last week. I was treated very rudely by the two women conducting the interview. It would appear not to be a very happy working environment."

Colintoo says

"I bought two pairs of flip flops one of which fell apart almost immediately. Beware - Quiksilver do not do customer service, I have emailed several times and even threatened legal action and not had a single response. They continue to bombard me with sales emails though. Note they do not even acknowledge all the terrible reviews here."

Dom B says

"Terrible customer service. I have many pieces from Quiksilver and I am a loyal customer for many years. I ordered online for the first time and I got myself many items, one of which was short, sizing 33 like all the other shorts I have from Quiksilver. I actually own the exact same short in size 33. When I tried my new short they don't even go up my knees, they are tiny tiny. I contacted Quiksilver and they told me I have to pay for returns because I am in Canada. When registering to the Boardriders club it says free returns. Never does it say for Canadian customers you have to pay for returns. Anyway, it's not a matter of color or taste, they shipped me the wrong product and I have to pay for return !!!"

David Worden says

"Recommend AVOID. Strap broke on rucksack after a few days and like the complaints/returns procedure it's unfit for purpose. I have been trying to contact quicksilver for a week now via phone and email so far without success."

Juliano Alberici says

"I would give zero start if I could. Quiksilver has sent me the order without the product inside. Unbelievable: yes, you hear it correctly - I received only the outercase of the product (watch), but the watch was NOT inside! Fort he past 5 days I am trying to contact their customer service and no reply. Calling 3x a day and sent already 3 emails, no reply at all. Never had such experience with customer service."

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